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Are you a creator, researcher or realist? It would be more appropriate for you to work in an advertising agency, to analyze data in a bank, or to think about your own business? Coming to the rescue – it will only take you 6 minutes, but this career test will help you score all points on the i.

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Rock band drummer Juozas, model Viktorija and athlete Ugnė – what do they have in common? Where can you find a local but international study programme? How does a 24/7 library look like and how do students in love travel around for their first dates?


choice of study programmes


It stands to reason that studies of economics have been so desirable all the time – it implies an almost guaranteed job and a competitive salary.


Businesses that rely on success alone are doomed to painful losses. Every product needs advertising and obviously knowledgeable professionals.


Financial knowledge in business is especially valuable, so we will not be surprised if you start your own company in the future.


A production company, a start-up or a family business, project managers and financial analysts who are knowledgeable in the specifics of their profession are in demand.

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„You don't have to know all by yourself. I am here to help you decide!“


„Study programmes delivered in English is something I can talk nonstop.“


„As a student, I know very well about my friends' life.“

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a possibility to transfer from a self-funded place to a state-funded place?

Yes, there is. After rotation, students with high academic performance can take state-funded places

Will I get a scholarship if I enter your Faculty?

There are at least a few different scholarships - incentive, one-off, nominal, etc. Every student of our Faculty can apply for them. Click here for more information

I would like to live in a dormitory. Where do I apply?

The dormitory is available to anyone who wishes. The dormitories are located throughout the city of Vilnius, but those located in Sauletekis campus are most convenient for VU EBAF students.

Can I study a few programmes at the same time?

Yes, you can. In addition to your major study programme, you can choose minor studies or design an individual study plan. Write to us and we'll tell you more.

Is it possible to visit foreign universities?

Yes, it is. According to diverse exchange programmes, you have an opportunity to spend even 2 years at universities abroad, also you can carry out internship there.

What shall I do if I realise that I have entered the wrong programme?

Students have an opportunity to change their study programme without losing state funding. Our consultants will tell you more about these opportunities - write to them.

I entered a self-funded place. Are there any discounts for tuition fees?

Yes. You can pay your tuition fee in installments, defer payment, or get a state loan for your studies. For more on these options click here.