How does it operate?

The design of this tool is based on psychological tests used by recruitment specialists. Each answer is assessed by an appropriate score, then the scores are summed up, resulting in is one of the 6 most suitable personality types: realist, explorer, communicator, leader, positive type or creative type. All of them have both positive and negative qualities and none of them is better than others.

In addition to the information on the type, the most appropriate study programmes for each type are provided. The eligibility was evaluated by percentage.

It is important to know that the result may not always match your personality. In order to self-assess yourself, we suggest performing at least some similar tests.


Below you will find your results and all the study programmes and personality types presented.



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Study programmes

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Quantitative EconomicsQuantitative Economics
Quantitative Economics

When universities start communicating with the national central bank and business, wait for the star to be born. This has happened with this programme, which is being developed together with “Lietuvos bankas”. Graduates of the most famous universities in the world – scientists or visiting guests returning to Lithuania for a long time – share their knowledge here. Lectures are delivered in English instead of the usual application of mobile books, the study programme is reduced to 3 years.

Graduates will be able to choose a career in data analysis, business and finance industries, or state and international institutions.

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Marketing and Global BusinessMarketing and Global Business
Marketing and Global Business

Marketing and Global Business Programme. It is chosen by those who want to pursue their career abroad or in international companies in the future. Students get acquainted with marketing management tools, secrets of advertising business , analyse examples of international business companies and learn how to apply them in practice.

The growing need for professionals is a guarantee for being employed as a project manager or marketing and communication specialist. However, graduates who understand the tricks of marketing also opt for setting up their own business.

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Management is chosen by students who see their future in international local companies or foreign companies. There are a lot of jobs where these professionals are in great demand – from manufacturing companies that manage large factories to innovative start-ups, from advertising agencies to financial institutions. You do not have to decide today where you see yourself in 10 years. The programme is universal; you will have at least 4 years to understand which area of management you are most interested in.

Even 70% of graduates get a job based on their speciatly immediately after their studies.

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Business Information SystemsBusiness Information Systems
Business Information Systems

You will become a universal specialist in only 4 years. Business management and informatics are joint to one study programme which is perfect for those who want to work with IT products, take care of the implementation of technological projects or analyse the constantly changing market. Well, the English language opens the doors to international markets – while studying you are likely to get job offers from international companies.

The study programme is suitable for those who are interested in both technological and business innovations, as well as in psychology and management.

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Personality types

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